È andato tutto bene – Everything went fine

An exhibition by Geometric Bang

28 Oct 2023 — 09 Jun 2024

“È andato tutto bene – Everything went fine” is an exhibition about the perception of the present and the past and about the creation of the imaginaries that our society generates and by which it is in turn influenced, in a self-perpetuating spiral.
Historical events are simplified and reduced to brief frames; they flatten into two-dimensional scenes useful only to reach a lowest common denominator that generates a unified understanding of a complex problem.
The narrative is trivialised, in-depth analysis gives way to sensationalism and society is content with repeating, once the momentary difficulties are overcome, that “everything went fine”.

The research is aimed at finding symbols and figures that convey information and generate shared meanings within the reference community: an example is given by the ASAFO flags, historically used in some areas of Ghana, from which Geometric Bang’s stylistic research draws inspiration. During the exhibition, the facts and events that have contributed to the creation of a national common thought are repeatedly revisited, through a series of selected historical, social and cultural moments to portray how our country has experienced the last eight decades of its history. Events become confused, temporal planes crumble and complexities thin out: historical reading unfolds through a personal journey, resulting from the artist’s direct experience.

Figurines, politicians, events and icons mix together as they traverse the decades of Italy, in an informational blob that never, under any circumstances, has a winner.

“Through the works on display I want to highlight how every historical period has simultaneously lights and shadows and that history is not a granitic module. The current situation is nothing but the result of the many nuances accumulated in the past.
It is a reflection on how some topics are treated in a distracted way or only referred to in passing and how other less significant topics are instead depicted as fundamental in our society’s narrative. I wanted to juxtapose, through the creation of sculptures, figures of historical cultural importance and people very important for our history close to TV personalities of our country, who are often seen as role models or serve to distract us from the situation in which people live on a daily basis.
“Everything went fine” can be a mockery, a way to show that we live in a socially and culturally extremely complex era, characterised by bitterness, disillusion and frustration.”

With the collaboration of Lanificio Leo, Spaghetti Rugs, Il Sicomoro.

Geometric Bang (Lodi, 1984)
Geometric Bang is an Italian artist born in Lodi. His journey began in 1998 within the world of graffiti, thanks to important meetings with characters who gravitated around his hometown.
From the beginning, he developed a two-dimensional style, based on colour, the study of form and texture: with these he creates characters, animals, objects and stories.Since 2006 he has participated in many exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Japan and South Africa.



The visit is conducted via an accompanied tour. Please check the visiting hours.